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Additional information on SAP integration

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SAP Master Data Governance interfaces

Flow chart I: Search business partners - Getting started

Flow chart II: Identify business partners

Flow chart III: Search organization in MGD

Flow chart IV: Create business partners

Flow chart V: Change business partners

Flow chart VI: Subscribe business partners

Flow chart VII: Create customer sales order

Integration pattern


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SAP Master Data Governance interfaces

If the business partner ID is not known, the business application starts searching for the business partner using various criteria and returns a hit list sorted by hit rate.

In the next step, the business application sends a change request to SAP MDG. The desired target characteristics of the business partner are recorded in the change request. These parameters are used to configure the business partner for use in SAP S/4HANA.

The submitted change request runs through an approval process in MDG, which is either fully automated or executed manually. At the same time, the business partner is subscribed to the business application and receives a notification as soon as the business partner is changed. If the change request is approved and the new business partner is created or the existing one is changed, the business application is notified. This means that the business partner is transmitted to the business application and can be saved. In the event of rejection, a separate notification is sent via a different channel.

Each notification must be confirmed back to SAP MDG so that the system can log the successful processing.

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Legend: BP = Business Partner / MDG = Master Data Governance / BA = Business Application / CR = Change request


Flow chart I: Search business partners - Getting started


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